Talking business doesn’t need to be in an office with a cardigan-wearing, pen and calculator-toting accountant.
We prefer to talk about important stuff with a beer and a few laughs.

As a trade business owner, this page is for you. We hope that the videos, podcasts and webinars posted here will help you:

  • Pick up tips on managing and growing your business
  • Solve some of the key problems you face as a tradie
  • ake steps to build a stronger business
  • Have a laugh or two

Oh and you’ll also learn a thing or two about the brewing process, of course!

why infuse?
why beer & business?

Infusion is the first step of the beer brewing process. What’s that got to do with you and your business? Well, bear with me here.

Many small business owners start out with great energy and enthusiasm; as time goes by, reality bites and much of the enjoyment goes out of the business.

We want to help bring that back.
We want to infuse your business with:

  • A sense of fun
  • Knowledge of best practices for trade businesses
  • Know-how from other business owners
  • Solutions for the main challenges that tradies and other family business owners face
  • No-nonsense tips and advice

What’s Bald Man Brewing?

As founder and director of Infuse Accounting & Advisory and also a home-brewing nut who is part of a panel of craft beer judges, two of Rob Green’s passions came together.

And Bald Man Brewing is his next small business venture; this craft brewing label will be launched within the next few months and will be run in parallel with Infuse.

Beer & Business is therefore a perfect tie up of Infuse with Bald Man Brewing.

Join our community of
beer-loving business owners

Love business and beer?

We’re building a community and hope for this page to grow into something a lot bigger as we add content and grow the following.

Head on over to our Beer & Business Facebook page and follow us there.

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